Keeping African Cichlids - Online Video Course

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 African Cichlids Can Be For Everyone!

African Cichlids are known for NOT being beginner level fish. That’s both true and not true, IMO. Have you tried to start a tank before only to have them at each others throats, and you couldn’t figure out why? Or maybe you’ve been intimidated by that label, “Not for Beginners” so you haven’t even tried yet.

I know the feeling. When I first decided to keep these beautiful fish years ago I dove in and learned on the fly, also known as “the hard way”. But learning from my mistakes is what got me to understand and appreciate African Cichlids. 

Now I’d like to take you past that painful learning curve and teach you everything you need to know, in one course!

“Keeping African Cichlids” is an Online Video Course designed to keep it simple, clear and to the point! Ensuring no matter what level hobbyist you are, you will be successful at keeping and enjoying your very own African Cichlid tank.

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Take A Free Training First!

I know it can be intimidating to dive right in, after all you should be committed to these fish first right?

Well that’s why I created a Free Webinar Training with the TOP 3 SECRETS to Keeping African Cichlids. Check that out first and get a feel for my method of teaching and what you can expect to learn in the course. Watch a quick intro video to the free training below or REGISTER HERE for next available Webinar!

Customer Reviews

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If you want to have cichlids look no further

Kev does a great job explaining everything from the very basic to advanced know how of these cichlids. I have been in and out of the hobby all my life and my number one fish I love are cichlids. After watching this I know way more now than I ever did. Thank you much.

course review

The cichlid course was excellent! very informative with great information.

This course was perfect!

After watching this course I feel confident to start my first tank with African Cichlids. The course is short and straight to the point with great information to begin- Thanks Kave

robert norfleet
This course was perfect!

This course was perfect! Short and to the point. It will get you on the right track from the beginning and keep you there. He doesn’t make you wait around for the good details. It’s all good from the start to finish. It was so easy and fun to watch, I nearly watched the entire thing in one sitting. I will refer back to it anytime I need to review as well. This is my first time purchasing fish and I feel 100% confident with African Cichlids because of this course alone.

Super Informative

This course was super informative. I just started the hobby and there were a lot of things that i learned from this course that I use with other tanks too.