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The Fish-Keeping Hobby

Starting an Aquarium is a Journey. There is so much to learn in order to keep a safe and happy home for your fish. Watching them grow and keeping them with you for as long as possible is the ultimate goal. If we succeed, we get to enjoy the beauty of it all!

I remember the feeling of wanting a fish tank but thinking there was TOO much to learn. I worried about wasting time and money on a lot of equipment and fish, only to fail at keeping my wet pets alive.

Well, that’s why I started KaveMan Aquatics, to help others get through the learning curve quickly and become experienced Vets! There’s tons of free content on my YouTube Channel and in the Blog Post section to guide you in your fish-keeping journey.


Why Coaching?

There is nothing like some 1 on 1 coaching to really ensure you understand the ins and outs of this complicated hobby. The importance of the nitrogen cycle, water conditions, feeding regiments, different species of fish, and their tank mates…the list is extensive.

Together we’ll cut through all the noise and get straight to the point!

The best part is, it’s not as hard as you think. If I can do it, so can you! I will make it clear, simple, and easy to understand so you can feel confident in your Fish Keeping Journey!

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Debora McCullen (Westfield, US)
1 on 1.....Do it!!

I was that person, jumped head first into the hobby and found out how clueless I was, which ended up with me frantically buying meds, researching to find opinions not facts and stressed to the max over my fish and their environment. I came across Ken's Kaveman you tube, fb page and then his 1 on 1's. I seriously recommend purchasing. Seriously Top notch! Thanks Kev! Don't hesitate people! Comforting education at its best!

Kristina Slattery (Slippery Rock, US)
2nd Coaching Session Was A Win!!

Our second online coaching session with fish-keeping expert, Kevin of KavMan Aquatics was just as fantastic as the first! Once again, he demonstrated his unparalleled expertise and genuine passion for fish keeping, reaffirming why he is one of our very few go-to resources for all things fish-related.

Kevin remembered our previous discussions and had tailored his advice to suit our growth as fish keepers that we had made since our first coaching session about keeping African Cichlids as well as having the knowledge necessary to direct us with our new venture into keeping Discus. His commitment to providing personalized guidance to our individual needs truly sets him apart in the hobby.

During our conversation, he effortlessly addressed any lingering questions we had from our previous experience with African Cichlids and introduced us to advanced concepts and techniques to further enhance our aquarium hobby as we traverse the world of keeping Discus. Kevin’s wealth of knowledge never ceases to amaze us, and we left the meeting feeling even more inspired and confident in our abilities as fish keepers.

What truly makes Kevin’s knowledge exceptional is his ability to foster a supportive environment. He actively listened to our concerns, offering constructive feedback and encouragement every step of the way. His unwavering enthusiasm for the hobby is contagious, and we find ourselves motivated to explore new aspects of fish keeping under his guidance.

Our video meeting with Kevin was unequivocally time well spent. His expertise, passion, and personalized approach make him an invaluable resource for any aquarist looking to take their hobby to the next level. We are already looking forward to our next meeting – it is inevitable that we will continue to be a repeat customer.

Rebekkah Bodoff (Dallas, US)
Sagacious and simplicity!

Kev is as chill and easy to understand as he personifies on his videos. However, he sacrifices no important knowledge or explanations while remaining easy going and understanding! Wish we all got Kev for a friend!

The best!!

Hands down I had the best consultation with Kev aka Kaveman! He is as chill as he is in his videos and I was very comfortable with him and his coaching! I am a newbie and the hour session went by pretty quick since there was so much to go over ! He was very patient with me and even went over step by step of how to do the water testing as I have been doing it wrong lol. Oops! I definitely learned a LOT and I will be scheduling more sessions as I have many questions still! He was so kind and even went a little over time at no charge which was soooo appreciative !

As someone else said he didn't make me feel ridiculous for any questions I had and made me feel better about my fishies. I was about ready to give up! Thanks again and will be definitely look forward to more sessions! :) 10/10 highly recommend !

Kristina Slattery (Slippery Rock, US)
Fantastic 1 on 1 Expert Advice from Kevin - Let's Goo!!

Today my husband and I had a one-on-one coaching session with Kevin regarding our fish-in-cycle of our 55g tank and caring for our African cichlids, and it was absolutely phenomenal! Kevin’s expertise, already evident in his many videos and his books was even more apparent from the moment we began our video conference. Not only does Kevin possess a wealth of knowledge about these beautiful fish and how to care for them, but he also has a knack for simplifying complex concepts into easy-to-understand information.

Throughout our call, I learned invaluable tips and tricks for maintaining the health and happiness of my African cichlids. From understanding their specific dietary needs to creating the ideal tank environment, to breaking down the nitrogen cycle, to tank mates. Every aspect of care was covered in detail. What truly impressed me was the personalized approach; Kevin took the time to assess my current setup and tailored his advice to suit our individual circumstances.

Moreover, I felt comfortable asking questions and expressing any concerns I had, and he was patient and supportive in his responses. Not one time did Kevin make me feel ridiculous for any questions I had and by the end of the video call, I felt I had gained a level of confidence I had not previously had with my ability to provide the best possible care for my new babies.

I cannot recommend Kevin’s one-on-one coaching sessions enough to any fellow aquarium enthusiasts, whether you're a beginner or an experienced hobbyist. It's an investment that will undoubtedly pay off in the long run, ensuring the well-being of your fish and enhancing your enjoyment of this fascinating hobby. Many thanks to Kev for his expertise and dedication.