Crystal Clear Aquarium Water | Paperback

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The Easiest, Fastest and Cheapest way to achieve Crystal Clear Water

Every fish keepers first priority is the health and happiness of their fish. But their second is having a beautiful looking tank! Crystal Clear Aquarium Water is easy to achieve when you have the information you need!

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Customer Reviews

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Tyler Scott
worth it

very good book explaining to beginners what to do

Rachel Rando

Definitely the best money I’ve spent on knowledge. Full of straight to the point information that actually works. There’s no gimmicks or iffy information, I’ve followed all steps and my Cichlids are THRIVING in crystal clear water. His experience really shows and also the care he has for others to make sure they also keep their babies in the best possible water quality is awesome. Thanks again. I can’t wait to be able to afford the full course.

If you have a chance to check out his a YouTube, definitely do it! Every minute is filled with beefy knowledge that will benefit you and your fish a ton !

Jose Soto
Awesome Book

I can't say enough of the book. It is awesome and I highly recommend it to everyone from beginner to advanced fish keepers. My mixed cichlid tank Americans and Africans. Kevs youtube channel is phenomenal. Been doing this for are least 20 years and I'm still learning. Thanks Kev

Not yet recieved

I can't do any reviews at the moment since it (paperback book) hasn't arrived at my place of origin yet. But iam excited to start my fish hobby once it's here.

Welcome to the hobby! You’re starting out the right way! Lol Please let us know how helpful you found the book when it arrives! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Michael Evans
Great Paperback

Your utube stories have been Great!!!