Crystal Clear Aquarium Water | eBook

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The Easiest, Fastest and Cheapest way to achieve Crystal Clear Water

Every fish keepers first priority is the health and happiness of their fish. But their second is having a beautiful looking tank! Crystal Clear Aquarium Water is easy to achieve when you have the information you need!

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Frias

The E Book was very helpful for me It explained in simple words on how to treat my cloudy 30 gal tank My tank is now crystal clear and ready for fish It was well worth the money TY mf

Patricia Gonzalez
Great information!

Great information! Looking forward to using the pot scrubbers! I use chemipure, purigen and ceramic biomedia. I have a red earslider 7" turtle in a 60 gallon breeder aquarium. I also have a fx2. Since I only have 2 trays in the fx2, still trying to figure out what goes where. Chem on top or bottom tray? Please help. By the way, you are an excellent educator, don't stop! I watch ALL your videos. Very intertaining! Patricia

Grant Ennor
Great book

Down to the point, with clear advice.
Now to start the next book, Keeping African Cichlids

Jaye P

Thank you now I feel like an expert

Andrea Hopkins
Well worth the read

For any wet pet keepers out there, particularly newbies, this just a fantastic continuation of the journey of learning with Kev. Once again, concise information laid out in an easy way to learn but also in a very captivating way leaving you just wanting more. Great stuff and would highly recommend