Keeping African Cichlids - Online Video Course

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 African Cichlids Can Be For Everyone!

African Cichlids are known for NOT being beginner-level fish. That’s both true and not true, IMO. Have you tried to start a tank before only to have them at each other's throats, and you couldn’t figure out why? Or maybe you’ve been intimidated by that label, “Not for Beginners” so you haven’t even tried yet. 

I know the feeling. When I first decided to keep these beautiful fish years ago I dove in and learned on the fly, also known as “the hard way”. But learning from my mistakes is what got me to understand and appreciate African Cichlids. 

Now I’d like to take you past that painful learning curve and teach you everything you need to know, in one course!

Are you ready to learn how to keep a thriving African Cichlid tank brimming with color and life? This course will walk you through everything you need to know, including how to maintain proper water parameters, how to curb your African Cichlids’ aggression, and what kind of diet and nutrition they need. At the end of this course, you'll have all the knowledge and confidence to maintain a clean and clear tank full of healthy Cichlids! Happy Fish, Happy Fish Keeper!

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Customer Reviews

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Carlon Scott (Katy, US)
Helped a ton, saved fish and $$$!

I guess we don’t know what we don’t know! Saving 1 fish covered the cost of the course. I had 17 now 24 and some fry. Good thing I know how to deal with them best. Every aquarium is different, so understanding the parameters and principles is priceless. Thanks Kev!

Larry (Taylor, US)
Straight to the point.!

Loved it kev, great information for anybody who wants to get into fish keeping. Great job bro as always,

Brett (Sikeston, US)

Very helpful! Well worth the money

Jonathan (Forest Park, US)

Love this book, I look every single page, I hate reading and I read this book almost a whole day, like I was surprised I read the whole thing but very good book for future African cichlid owners! Starting my tank soon

Randall (Baltimore, US)

Amazing course. I’m not a beginner but not an expert either. I learned so many new facts, tips, tricks, and all sorts of advice on starting, keeping and maintaining these beautiful fish. If I was a beginner doing research this would be an amazing course. I would recommend to anyone interested in keeping African Cichlids or anyone who just wants to learn about them.